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What to Expect

Welcome to the practice of Elite Lifestyle Co.! We’re proud to offer a welcoming environment, in which all of your wins will be celebrated.

We’d like to help you better understand the first couple of visits to our practice, and have a two-day New Patient process outlined below.

Day One

Your first visit is for “discovery” – Dr. Lindsay or Dr. Abi will learn what your health challenges are and what goals you want to achieve. We will gain a full understanding of your health history, nutritional needs, and stresses in your life. We will conduct an examination using the INSIGHT™ system, a leading-edge scanning technology that utilizes sensors to provide a comprehensive analysis of the spine and nervous system. With this technology, we gain objective findings of nerve and muscle function, along with how well the body is able to adapt to stress. This gives us a full picture of how we can improve the function of your body.

Along with the scans, a digital squat assessment, ALINE Insole assessment, a physical and neurological exam will also be performed. The doctor will determine if x-rays are necessary at this time. After a thorough assessment is completed to determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, a chiropractic treatment will be performed that day.

Day Two

Your second visit, which is usually within a couple days, is to review the findings from the first visit, and to create a customized treatment plan based on your INSIGHT™ scan results. We will discuss the frequency of chiropractic care, additional therapies, home care exercises, lifestyle coaching and supplement recommendations. We’ll give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have-in fact, we encourage it!

Ongoing Visits

Ongoing care is recommended to keep your nervous system clear and keep you functioning at the highest possible level. Visits will be more frequent during the “restorative” phase (during which specific problems are being addressed and fixed) than during the “wellness” phase (during which gains are maintained and built-upon for optimal health).

Contact Elite Lifestyle Co. today to see how we can help you achieve your best possible health!

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